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How to Create a Google Play Developer Account

A step-by-step guide on a way to create your Google Play account and enroll in the Developer Program in your Android app(s). The Google Play Developer Program is what gives you the potential to make your app to be had on the App Store for Android customers. The appropriate news is, that due to the fact the app will exist underneath your account, you may have extra control.

Features of Google Play Developer Account.

A Google Play Developer account provides the developer with an official Google Play Developer account. This feature allows them to upload and update their apps to the Google Play Store without having to pay any money for it. It also provides the developer with a Developer Console account. This is an official account that lets developers upload their apps to the Google Play Store.

The developer account also provides the developer with a Google Wallet Merchant. It allows developers to collect money from app sales directly, thus leaving lower commissions for Google and processing faster transactions.

With the Developer account, developers can publish and track apps for free. The Developer console lets them monitor their app’s performance and resolve issues immediately. Developers also get access to promotional tools and Firebase cloud messaging which make it easier for users to receive notifications from the developer. With the developer account, they can also create new accounts in Google Analytics and access new APIs.

Before you start you will need:

How to Set Up Your Google Play Developer Account:

  1. Go to the Google Play Developer Console: https://play.Google.Com/apps/post/signup/ and log in with your Google Login.Buy Google Play Developer Accounts
  2. Select to create a developer account for “An Organization or Business”
  3. Enter records approximately your organization. Developer Name can be the one to show as much as users and your Organization call might be the criminal name (they may be different).Buy Google Play Developer Accounts
  4. Agree to the Terms & click on “Create Account and Pay”Buy Google Play Developer Accounts
  5. Pay for the account.
  6. Verify Your ID. After paying, you will get an affirmation that your account has been created. But, this isn’t always yet complete. Now at the display, you will see an alternative to finish details to confirm the account. It looks like under. You will need to click on “Verify ID”Buy Google Play Developer Accounts
  7. Verify ID – Upload Organization Documents. As an agency, you will want to confirm the Organization Details. After you click on verify ID, you may get a screen that says you want to have someone from the corporation who can post the business enterprise files. Click on Begin Verification (see below).Buy Google Play Developer Accounts
  8. Upload Organization Identity. You might be requested to upload employer files AND/OR non-public identity files (like a government-issued ID). Do so and post. You should get an affirmation telling you that Verification is in Process.

Add Grandstand as an Admin to your Account

(After Approval)

Now that you’ve enrolled in Google’s Developer Account, you will need to add us to your account so we can submit the app on your behalf.

  1. Log into your Google Play Developer Console at https://play.Google.Com/console.Buy Google Play Developer Accounts
  2. Click on “Users and Permissions” within the left menu.Buy Google Play Developer Accounts
  3. Click on “Invite New Users.”
  4. Enter e-mail cope with [email protected] and make certain to choose Admin under Account Permissions. Click “Invite User.”Buy Google Play Developer Accounts

You are performed! Be sure to allow your Grandstand Rep to recognize that you have completed the manner and we can take care of things moving forward!


Google Play Developer Account is a powerful tool that can help developers upload, update and manage apps on the Google Play Store. To get started with your account, you’ll need to register for an account by providing some personal information in order to create it. You will also have access to promotional tools through the Developer Console which are useful when looking for new customers or marketing strategy ideas. The agreements are subject to change at any point in time so be sure to read them carefully before signing up! If you’ve found this article helpful, please share it online with others who may find these insights valuable as well.

Google Play Developer Account is the best way for developers to build, publish and promote their Android apps on Google Play. It gives you access to all the tools necessary to design, develop, distribute and keep those apps up-to-date on your own schedule. You can use these developer tools as a solo developer or as part of a development team, and by using Google Play Developer Account you can manage multiple accounts with ease. You can also take advantage of services like alpha/beta testing and staged rollouts to test your app’s reliability before publishing it to the world through Google Play. By selling apps on Google Play, you will be able to reach millions of users!

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