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You can buy Google Drive Supported or Microsoft Office Supported or both Supported Edu email. ( 100% Private accounts )

This is 100% genuine USA colleges-based edu emails.

  • Gmail Login / Outlook login
  • One Drive 1TB space
  • Microsoft Office 365 online
  • Unlimited Google Drive ( Update: Now Google stopped the unlimited drive. Now only 50 GB is given by Google)
  • Full Private emails.
  • etc.

• Telegram Support


Buy Edu e-mail At a Cheap Price

You can Buy Google Drive Supported or Microsoft Office Supported or Both [ G-drive+Microsoft Office ] Supported Edu electronic mail.

So you could decide what kind of you want to shop for.Buy EDU Email

With Only Microsoft Office(online) Supported Edu mail, You will Get Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft OneNote, One Drive, Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Publisher, Microsoft Access, Skype for Business, etc..

And with Google Drive Supported Edu mail you’ll get Unlimited Google Drive. Also, this edu mail will give you Gmail login access so that you ship and obtain emails together with your edu electronic mail.

Tested via me on those Services :

  • Amazon Top Student 6 Months
  • Namecheap (.Me) Domain 1 Year
  • Canva seasoned 1 year
  • LastPass Premium 6 Months
  • One Drive 1TB area
  • Microsoft Office 365 online
  • Google Drive to 15 TB
  • and many others.
  • These are the simplest in case you purchase clean e-mail. You need to contact me earlier than buy in case you need to apply those services but the rate can be high for this clean edu e-mail.

Note: You should recognize approximately, the way to get all these edu blessings from an edu mail.

Questions And Answers

Question : It is for lifetime ?

Answer : No, it’ll paintings upto 2-4 years with 6 months guarantee.

Question : Can you purchase an edu email?

Answer : Yes, you can buy this at my store.

Question : How do I get an .Edu electronic mail?

Answer : It is quite simple, just make an order and get your edu electronic mail.

Question : How do I get a .Edu e-mail 2024?

Answer : Just Place an order and get your edu email.


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Buy EDU Email

with listings like G-Drive & Onedrive.

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